There are many different names for this style of poetry:
Blackout Poetry
Found Poetry
Erasure Poetry
They are not exactly the same, but they do share a creative destruction element. Take an existing work from a novel, newspaper, textbook, etc., the cover up most of the words. What is left is something new, created by you!


Example Entry by Sumo Mike Wietecha



Type of Contest


  • ₱1000 / $20 / ¥130 for 1st place

  • ₱750 / $15 / ¥100 for 2nd place

  • ₱500 / $10 / ¥65 for 3rd place

  • ₱250 / $5 / ¥35 for Honorable Mention (x2)

  • ₱500 / $10 / ¥65 for Fan’s Choice


Submission Deadline

Friday, July 9th, 11:59PM, Manila Standard Time



  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd chosen by our judges
  • Two honorable mentions chosen by judges
  • 1 additional fan choice will be awarded to the entry with the most comments


  • Write a free form poem using the following word pool:
    (Alley Breeze Shine Desolate Dust Happier)
  • The words must have exact usage (dusty, shines, happy, etc not allowed)
  • The words can appear in any order in your poem
  • The title must include the word Dawn
  • Title and poem combined cannot exceed 100 words
  • Examples shown below entry details


  • Post your finished artwork in the comments below

Judging Criteria

  • We don’t think art is entirely subjective, but trying to quantify art is also sometimes silly
  • Make something you really love and share it with us
  • Look at our past contests to see our taste


  • Follow us @Loudpaintings
  • Show support to the other entries by ❤️ and making positive comments about each other’s work, we encourage everyone to do so.
  • Please share our contests with your friends. The more we grow, the more contests we can do with greater prize money!



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