Be honest, we all lie (see how clever I am). Some lies are big, and some are small. Sometimes we do it to stay out of trouble, sometimes we do it out of anger or malice, and sometimes we do it to spare someone’s feelings. Using this theme, write any poem that comes to mind.


Example Entry by Mike Wietecha




Poetry Contest


  • ₱250 / $5 / ¥30 for Each Winner
  • ₱250 / $5 / ¥30 for Fan’s Choice

Submission Deadline:

Tuesday, August 31, 11:59 PM, Manila Standard Time



  • Winners chosen by judges
  • Fan’s Choice will be decided by the entry with the most likes


  • Write Your best poem using 280 Characters or less (The same length for a tweet)

  • Remember its characters, not words

  • English language only


  • To enter, post in the comments below!

  • One entry per person only

Judging Criteria

  • We don’t think art is entirely subjective, but trying to quantify art is also sometimes silly
  • Make something you really love and share it with us
  • Look at our past contests to see our taste


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  • Show support to the other entries by ❤️ and making positive comments about each other’s work, we encourage everyone to do so.
  • Please share our contests with your friends. The more we grow, the more contests we can do with greater prize money!